MattDillon-Purebred Arabian Stallion



Matt Dillon is inspiring as an athlete and performer.  He is the kind of horse you will never regret believing in; whose genuine desire to please and innate physical talent have become apparent throughout his short career and training. 

Classically beautiful, Al-Marah Matt Dillon+/ has stood out among his peers since the day he was born.  The moment you meet him it is undeniable that there is something special about this horse.  You may first notice his charisma, his strong athletic conformation or his bold, aggressive style in the reining pen; those that know him, however, most often mention his infinite patience and willingness to learn, or how quiet and gentle a stallion he is.

These rare combinations of an aggressive competitor and a tractable disposition have already made Matt Dillon formidable in the reining pen, proving to be the one to beat in open and amateur competitions alike.

Already a star in the reining competition, the sky is the limit for Matt Dillon to diversify his career as he matures, doing justice to his proud pedigree of champions as he becomes the sire of the next generation of champions.

Matt Dillon - Purebred Arabain Stallion

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